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What You Should Know About Asthma for the New School Year, From an Asthma Mom

It’s that’s time of year. Kids are back to school and most parents are overly joyed!

But, if you are a parent whose child has asthma, you’re likely a damn nervous wreck. My son has already experienced his first flare-up after only seven days back at school.

Many people do not understand how serious asthma is, so I’m going to fill everybody in. It’s an invisible disease. You can not see asthma. One too many people have said, “It’s just asthma,” to me recently. And guess what? These few things could kill children with asthma. So please read these facts and understand what harm simple things you’re doing might be putting your friend, neighbor, and/or family member with lung disease at serious risk.

1. Germs! Please, if you have a child who is sick, keep them home. What may be “just a cough and fever” to you, could be a respiratory infection for weeks, hospital visit, or could nearly kill an asthmatic child.

2. Keep bonfires, grills, smoking meat, burning yard waste under control. Yes, those will cause life-threading asthma attacks if not controlled. It’s that time of year where it gets chilly, and people love to do these things. I’m not saying don’t have a good time. But be respectful, contain smoke, and understand these smokes can, again, kill someone with a lung disease.

3. Statistics: 1 in 10 children have asthma. Over six million children have asthma, and each day 10 Americans die from the condition. Don’t ever tell someone ” it’s just asthma they’ll grow out of it.” We need better air quality laws, and knowledge of not spreading illness. It will save many lives.

4. Please stop smoking around any kids, lung disease or not. They need fresh air. Obviously, it’s an issue because asthma rates are still on the rise from unhealthy air qualities and other factors.

5. My son is embarrassed by his asthma, and my hope is to make this all ” common sense” as he grows up. To not feel embarrassed by his inhaler. That people understand lung disease better.

I’m a mom, desperately trying to keep my son healthy and alive. And there are many people in my shoes. My job is to educate more people about lung awareness, so my child, and yours can enjoy their life!

So please share this, to help keep these children and adults alive.

A tired, anxiety prone, scared for the future,
Asthma Mom

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