The Thoughts That Go Through My Head on a Typical Day With Fibromyalgia

People always ask me, “What’s fibromyalgia like?” Or “What does it feel like?” A common answer is that it feels like you constantly have the flu with body aches and excessive fatigue, but that doesn’t do it justice. So, here are some thoughts that show a day with fibromyalgia, but still doesn’t give you the whole picture.


“How am I already hurting? I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet!”

“Ouch! I didn’t even know that place on my body could hurt, or how I hurt it! Oh wait, fibromyalgia is everywhere.”

“Medication, please kick in faster.”

“Ugh. Stairs.”


“Just got to work and I’m already in need of a nap.”

“Wait, what was I looking for again?”


“Oops. Forgot about that.”

“I could really go for a nap.”



“Time for a midday boost — where did I leave my Tylenol?”

“Why is my leg numbed out?”

“Ugh — can’t even hold my pen because it’s too painful.”


“Where did I park my car?”


“Where’s my heating pad?”

“I just need a power nap and then I’ll take a shower.”

“Missed the gym again, try again tomorrow.”

“I just need a little rest and then I’ll dry my hair.”

“Maybe I should just cut my hair so then I don’t have to dry it anymore.”

“Sleeping pill, please work!”


“I hope tomorrow is a better day.”

“Ugh. I can’t get comfortable!”

(Tossing, turning, waking up all night ensue)

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Thinkstock photo by Evgeny Gromov

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