The Daunting Task of Finding a New Doctor After Moving Away

Having a chronic illness, we rely so much on our medical team. We visit them on a regular basis and they become someone we can talk to about anything. They know our fears, our illnesses, what medications work and what doesn’t. The general doctor or primary doctor works with all your specialists and ties them all together.

So when suddenly you move away from your trusted doctor and have the task of finding a new doctor, it can be quite daunting.

Do we wait until it’s necessary to see a doctor, or do you start visiting clinics until you find one that you feel you can work with?

It’s so scary going to see a new doctor. Will they know how to manage my conditions? Will they be one of those doctors where you’re in and out before you even blink? Or will they sit and listen and make notes so you don’t have to repeat yourself next time you visit? Will they think the medications you’re on do nothing, or will they not believe in them? They might even think you’re on too many medications.

There is so much to think about. If we voice these concerns to those who don’t have chronic illnesses, will think we are being too picky? After all, a doctor is a doctor. They all have the same training, don’t they?

Those of us with chronic conditions need a doctor who will listen. Who will understand that we know our bodies and will be prepared to work alongside us.

If we have a few conditions, they need to be able to help us manage all of them not just some or one. If you have a rare condition and the new doctor knows all about it, do you trust your gut and go with this one? Or do you keep searching?

Some of us travel hundreds of miles just to keep in touch with their doctor as the whole thought of finding another doctor is just too hard. Being unwell can take all the energy to just get through the day, without having to find another doctor.

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