My Daughter With Down Syndrome Is Worthy of Life

Last week our Down syndrome community  was shaken to the core with the news coming out of Australia and Iceland. Many of my social media friends began posting their feelings and thoughts all over their blogs.

I wrote a little blurb, but my heart is left confused and aching for sweet precious ones lost and babies who never had an opportunity to live.

I found out our Jordan Grace would be born with Down syndrome while I was pregnant. The first and only option I was given by the professional was abortion. Right away he gave Greg and I a lecture about all the negative things we would face and horrible life we would discover.

I sunk so low to a deep hole, my thoughts could only see what this doctor was describing: a life for my child that no mother wants to picture; a life of pain. Some days I was completely numb to the world, I was so deep in despair I felt the only way out would be without this baby.


We had been wanting her, praying for her and trying to get pregnant for so long. Why was this cruel world making me feel like I didn’t want this precious life I already loved inside me?

The answer was fear of the unknown. People are afraid or reject things that are not common to them. It’s our natural instinct. But I’m here now as a witness of parenting a child with an extra chromosome — and let me tell you, it’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s different, but nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, Jordan Grace has the same feelings and personality as other children.

I know I won’t convince non-believers with my words. It would have been hard for me to understand looking in from the outside.

What I cannot understand is why people think it’s OK to terminate certain pregnancies. It’s the woman’s choice, but when it comes to disabilities, everyone is up in arms about it. I say when it comes to human life everyone should be up in arms about it. Life is precious. So why does the life in the womb not get a choice?

It’s a fair question.

I’m here as a professional mother to let you all know my daughter not only deserves to live, but she deserves respect, love and to be included.

She is the light of our world.

I wish the world could see that.

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