10 Quotes That Help Me Through My Anxiety

1. “Remember the time you thought you could never survive?  You did, and you can do it again.”

I love this quote. It helps me think of all the times I conquered my anxiety, and how I can conquer it again.

2. “You are a warrior.”

Something that helps me with my anxiety is by telling myself I’m strong and can get through anything. 

3. “Sometimes your best isn’t good enough and that’s OK.”

This quote means a lot to me. It shows a sign of growth for me to learn it’s OK if my best isn’t good enough for other people.

4. “I’m still learning to love the parts nobody claps for.” — Rudy Francisco

This quote really spoke to me recently. I’ve started to really accept my anxiety, and this just really describes it in 10 words. 

5. “If you’re going through hell, keep on going.” — Rodney Atkins

Every time I’m in a bad mood, this line always comes into my head and I sing it out loud. It really helps me.

6. “She needed a hero so she became one.”

This is great motivation for me. I can become my own hero. 

7. “Just breathe.”

Remembering to breathe is essential to my anxiety recovery.

8. “It’s all the little things.”

This is so true! With my anxiety, sometimes the little things are all I have.

9. “The only one who can make you happy is you.”

I could have a million people trying to cheer me up and make me happy, but I can’t truly be happy unless I allow myself to be happy.

10. “I’m OK.”

This is like my mantra during my panic attacks.

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