How Rewarding Myself for Something Small Affected My Self-Worth

One of the biggest things I struggle with is self-worth. I have absolutely none of it and don’t see anything I do as good or as an accomplishment. So, when I was given homework by my mental health nurse to reward myself after taking the initiative to book and attend a difficult meeting, I was so confused by this concept.

For me, this is just a part of life — doing things that are difficult, things that make you anxious and nervous, but apparently, I was wrong. In life, whenever I do something difficult, I always just see it as getting it done. I don’t need to reward and praise myself for it. My nurse, however, told me that every feat — even small ones — deserve a pat on the back of some sorts.

Now some people see this as babying yourself or being selfish, but for someone like me who has no self-worth, this can eventually lead to me believing in myself when it comes to difficult situations. If I can do even something small without feeling anxious or backing out, then that is a step for me and so deserves to be recognized. Like I said, it can even just be a small pat on the back or it can be something like treating yourself to a coffee or your favorite meal; it doesn’t have to be big.

By taking care of yourself and being aware of when you step out of your comfort zone, it doesn’t mean you are being selfish. Even if others think this, a mentor of mine once told me it’s OK to live a selfish life because taking care of yourself, living for you, following your passions and what you want will actually inspire and help others, even if you don’t see it.

So, I want all of you to do the same this week and reward yourself for doing something that may be difficult for you or may cause you anxiety. Let yourself know you are worthy and brave, because I know all of you are.

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