The Free Alternative I'm Making to Spoonie Subscription Boxes

A lot of my articles have been about how my pain affects me, what my seizures are like and focus a lot on the tough parts of my life. Well, I’ve been working on a little project that is a big mood lifter, I hope for everyone else as well as myself.

So I noticed something while on Instagram lately. These things called “spoonie essential boxes.” What a great idea! I encourage you to look them up. They have everything you need to make living with a chronic illness a little more comfy. It won’t cure you, but it’ll warm the spirit.

What I noticed, however, was the price. A lot of these boxes and care packages people make can be up to $40. I’m on income support so I don’t get much money – not enough to get one of those anyway. I understand why they’re that price. Items need to be bought to make up the boxes and that can’t be cheap. But it got me thinking: what about those of us who can’t afford these things that make us comfy? Don’t we deserve to feel like people are thinking of us and making things for us without using what little money we may have? Again, I understand why they cost money. But understanding doesn’t make it cheap. Sharing words of compassion is priceless, but occasionally it’s nice to have something physical to hold in your hand and squeeze in times of high pain levels or stress, or even just a bad day.

I’ve been doing some knitting lately and I really enjoy it. I do it when I need to pass time, while I’m having a flare-up, when watching TV, basically any time my hands are free. One day while knitting a square I decided I’d like to show people in the chronic illness community that you don’t need to spend money to get little gifts to make you feel special. I’ve decided to knit “spoonie squares” – just basic little squares of any color people ask for and I’ll ship them to people for free. No cost on postage or material. It makes me feel happy to know I’m making others happy. We all need to be there for each other. People can use the squares for whatever they want, if they decide to fiddle with them when in pain or just put it under the pillow or even not use them at all, as long as they know they’re being thought of.

yarn and knitting projects

I’m taking the opportunity to spread the news that I’ll knit anyone any color you like. I don’t mind if it takes weeks to do them all, I need you to know that me knitting something that makes you happy in turn makes me happy! Please comment if you’re interested and I’ll message you so you can ask any questions or request what you like, or follow me on Instagram then message me there for any color you’d like. These little squares don’t just have to be for chronic pain, they can be for someone else you know who would like one, maybe for an animal… you can use them for whatever you like and I’ll knit them for anyone for free! Don’t think that because you don’t have a chronic condition I won’t knit you one. These squares can be for everyone!

This is a time for us all to be there for each other, and I want to be there for you. I hope this article has brought a smile to your face. I’d love nothing more than to make each and every one of you happy and make your day brighter and easier.

Thank you for reading!

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