To the Kid Starting Middle School With Tourette Syndrome

Hey Kid!

Welcome to middle school.

Getting through the first years of school is tough. When you are doing it with Tourette syndrome, you get some extra hurdles to jump. You’ve had to finish all the work and social noise of school up until now while also dealing with all the chaos that is Tourette’s. You made it.

Middle school is a whole new jungle.

More than likely, you are going to meet people who don’t understand your challenge. It is probable that at least one person you meet will think you could stop your tics at any time. That person might be a teacher. You might get laughed at or have your tics mimicked. People who do not know the great things you are capable of may encourage you to take “easier” classes or discourage you from expecting too much from yourself. All of those people are wrong.

Your Tourette syndrome does not define you. Any opportunity open to your peers is open to you. You have the right to educate others who are ignorant about Tourette syndrome. You also have the right to be every bit of yourself even if at times others don’t get it.

You can “rock this.”


An Adult (Middle School Survivor) With Tourette Syndrome

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