What Pictures Not to Post Online of Your Child With a Disability

As parents of children with disabilities, we have a complicated job. Social media can connect us easily to others who “get” our path and we get comfortable with sharing the good and the bad, the ups and downs, the heartbreaks and triumphs.

But, there’s something we have to ask ourselves before we share certain pictures of our children. And I’ve seen this issue increase across groups and news feeds where people want to show “the hard side” of parenting a child with a disability.

There’s one, big, simple question to ask:

Does this promote dignity and respect for my child?

Please, fellow families, please take a moment and pause before you post the picture of your child laying in their own bodily fluids. Please remember while bathtub pictures are embarrassing for teenagers to reflect on, pictures of children covered in feces or vomit takes it to a level that does not promote dignity.

Would you like the same posted without your consent?

Your narrative of struggle and heartache is valid. But please, please remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure those words aren’t those that cause more heartache to you or your child.

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