50 Things My Anxiety Can't Touch

On some of my hardest days, it’s nice to be reminded of the things anxiety can never touch.

1. My relationship with my amazing mother.

2. My favorite song of the moment: “Walls

3. My daily inspiration board.

4. My want, need and love for pasta.

5. Frozen yogurt.

6. Flowers.

7. My bullet journal.

8. A hot shower.

9. The comfort of my mattress and pillow.

10. Playing Candy Crush.

11. A hug, two hugs.

12. Candles.

13. The ocean and salty sea air.

14. Zoning out on Instagram. (#shameless)

15. A healthy dinner.

16. Watching a movie.

17. My succulent babies.

18. The support from my friend.

19. The experience of traveling.

20. Handwritten notes.

21. Creative time.

22. Making art.

23. Writing.

24. FaceTime with my sister.

25. Cuddling with my partner.

26. Adventures.

27. Snow.

28. My obsession with the “Trolls” movie.

29. Mac and cheese from the restaurant Lemonade.

30. Peach ginger lemonade from Lemonade.

31. My strength.

32. Fresh air.

33. Being outside.

34. Seeing a great view.

35. A quiet moment to myself.

36. A good book.

37. Family time.

38. Friend time.

39. Coloring.

40. Taking a walk.

41. Doing yoga.

42. Searching for rocks on the beach.

43. Taking a run.

44. My fangirl crush on Justin Baldoni.

45. Going to Target.

46. Riding in the car.

47. Listing to music turned up loud.

48. Baking.

49. Talking with my dad.

50. A deep conversation.

Try making your own list, even if it’s only 10 things! It’s a quick stress buster and gives you a concrete list of things you love that might help you the next time you’re feeling stressed or anxious!

You are loved, you are whole, you are awesome!

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Thinkstock photo via Yee kwan Lai.

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