Bobby Moynihan Jokes About Raven's Gastric Pacemaker on 'Big Brother'

Raven Walton has never been shy about discussing her gastroparesis and gastric neurostimulator (also called a gastric pacemaker) as she’s competed on “Big Brother” this summer. So when former “Saturday Night Live” actor Bobby Moynihan stopped by the house to meet the contestants and host the Power of Veto competition, Walton gave him a peek at her pacemaker — and Moynihan responded with a joke that had viewers talking.

On Wednesday night’s episode, Moynihan surprised the contestants at the house and told them he’s a huge “Big Brother” fan and would be hosting the veto competition. He asked them to show him around the house and spent a few minutes chatting with the group.

At one point, Walton lifted up her shirt to show him her pacemaker. Moynihan smiled and laughed, saying, “First thing you have to see, everyone who comes in the house.”

In the Diary Room (where contestants go to talk privately to the camera), Moynihan cracked, “The second I meet Raven, she shows me her pacemaker. Maybe lead with a handshake?”

Watch the moment below:

Gastric neurostimulators are battery-operated devices implanted under the skin that deliver mild electrical pulses to the stomach muscle wall. Some patients with gastroparesis, a chronic illness in which stomach muscles don’t function properly, find that gastric “pacemakers” help their nausea and vomiting.

Viewers shared their reactions to the moment on Twitter, with some finding the moment shocking, inappropriate, or funny.

Moynihan’s comment, and viewers’ reactions, reflect the criticism Walton has been receiving since she entered the house: that she’s exaggerating her illness for attention and sympathy. However, others have appreciated the awareness Walton is bringing to gastroparesis and pointed out that it’s impossible for viewers to know all the details about her illness.

Photo courtesy of the Big Brother Facebook page

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