5 Ways to Fight Off Negative Thoughts During Blips in Your Health

We all want to feel and get better, but with chronic illness, it is never a straightforward road. In light of Suicide Prevention Week, I feel this is a topic that needs considering, as blips in our health really do affect our mood – naturally.

So how can we keep that positive mindset when we are being truly tested?

1. Address the blip.

What has caused the blip? Another infection? Not enough rest? Not eating enough? The wrong treatment for you?


Ignoring the blip will most likely cause further problems. Addressing the issue allows you the opportunity to solve, help or ask for help to improve the situation.

2. Talk.

Blips can really affect our mental health. All the work and treatments you are putting in and trying, yet your health isn’t improving as quickly as you had hoped or you feel as if you are going back. You may begin to bottle up your pain and blame yourself for the extra pain, only causing further problems. Picking up the phone and talking to someone can often be the best medicine. They can offer support, love and advice, which can really settle your mood.

3. Rest.

Blips aren’t just physically exhausting, but mentally exhausting, and that is why your mood may be so affected by them. Focus on doing things you enjoy but are “restful” activities – like mindful coloring, watching movies, sewing, reading, etc. This can help boost your mood and give yourself some chill “me” time.

4. Eat nutrient-rich foods.

We know full well how bad fast and processed food can be for our minds and bodies. So fill your body with nutrient-rich foods that fuel the mind and body correctly, giving you the best defense again infection and nasties trying to attack the body. Eating fresh, unprocessed foods will also help keep you from feeling sluggish, which can have a major influence on your mood.

5. Support.

Remind yourself of your support system and the amazing people around you. Whether this is meeting up for a catch-up, giving them a phone call or simply flicking through pictures to remind you what you are fighting for and how loved you are.

Never doubt your strength – nothing worth fighting for is ever easy! You have gotten this far; you can take on anything!

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