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On Tough Days With Brain Fog, Sometimes I Just Have to Laugh at Myself

It’s so funny sometimes when I really think about it. The brain fog and the memory loss and the confusion. I guess I get so wrapped up in the seriousness of it all that I forget, sometimes, it’s worth a good laugh!


For instance, I just returned home from the grocery store, and, as I checked out this afternoon, I could tell the unplanned, unorganized trip to the busy store was taking a toll on my foggy front quadrant, but didn’t realize how bad it was until I couldn’t remember my phone number when the cashier asked for it. My phone number. No one else’s – mine. And, I wasn’t leaving until I remembered it… because it was the key to my getting over $15.00 in rewards at the pump! Ha!

Many of you have been there – staring at the floor or the wall, or even the lady at the checkout saying, “Hold on… it’s on the tip of my tongue…” Thank goodness the people behind me were patient and had a sense of humor because once I did finally remember it, and celebrated as if I’d won the lottery, the cashier read me my new total and I so proudly smiled, graciously accepting the big discount that rewards number had gotten me. Then she just stared at me and I continued to smile back as it began to get a little awkward. I even looked at the couple behind me who were smiling, too, and I felt bad because the machine was holding them up even more… until I realized it wasn’t the machine at all – they were all staring at me afraid to tell me I hadn’t paid yet! OMG… are you serious? I just laughed, and inserted my card as the guy behind me kindly asked if I was driving and if I needed a ride home. “Nope, I’ll be fine,” as I laughed all the way to my car.

Another recent experience that deserved a good chuckle was my trip to Long John Silvers. Don’t ask why – I guess I was craving two pounds of grease with my fried crunchies and a side of fish (I can’t lie, I do like LJS once in awhile!). Anyhow, I just pulled on up to the window and waited… and waited. And when the friendly lady finally appeared and asked if she could help me… I realized, I didn’t even stop to order! Nope! I just drove on past the sign and intercom and right up to the window to wait for whatever it is I thought I had ordered! Ha. What a mess.

So often I find myself writing stories we can all relate to about pain or struggling, and I am always so comforted when I read comments and stories from readers that make me feel as if I’m not alone. But, my trip to the grocery store today reminded me that among all the ugly stuff that comes with chronic illness, if we pay close attention, there are some pretty hilarious moments we should be sharing, too! Because we all deserve a good laugh once in a while. I could go on and on, but I think it’d be more fun to hear from you all – what’s something you’ve been able to laugh at that we can all relate to? Please, share away!

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