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11 Work-Appropriate Clothing Brands People With Fibromyalgia Recommend

With fibromyalgia, you can’t just throw on any outfit in the morning and run out the door. Styles that are tight, made of synthetic material and don’t breathe well likely don’t work for you. Instead, you might gravitate towards loose-fitting dresses and tops, pants with a comfortable waistband, and soft fabrics like cotton.

The problem is, many brands market comfortable clothes as “loungewear” and don’t necessarily prioritize those same comfy qualities in their work-appropriate clothes. When you need to find an outfit for work, it can be tough to find styles that are both cozy and dressy.

Since working with fibromyalgia can be hard enough without having to wear an uncomfortable outfit, we gathered 11 clothing brands that offer work-appropriate styles, while going easy on sensitive skin, pain points and body temperature. We asked our Mighty readers with fibromyalgia to recommend the clothing brands they turn to for work outfits. Here are their recommendations and a few of our own.

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1. Ava & Viv

ava and viv leggings

Target’s Ava & Viv line offers classic skirts, tops, pants and dresses in plus sizes for affordable prices — most items cost less than $35.

“For plus sizes, Target’s Ava & Viv line has regular leggings as well as thicker leggings that are a little more dressy. Both are my lifesavers!” Morgan Smith said.

Buy the leggings featured above for $17.99 at Target.

2. Avon

avon red shirt black pants

Avon doesn’t only sell makeup — they also offer sophisticated, work-friendly styles in loose-fitting cuts. Prices range from $20 to $35 for tops and $25 to $40 for dresses.

“I actually love a lot of the clothing Avon sells in the catalogs,” said Leslie P. McMillan. “It’s fashionable, usually made of fabric that’s very soft and has Lycra, so it stretches, and would be appropriate for many work environments.”

Buy the top featured above for $19.99 at Avon.

3. Haggar H26

haggar men's dress pants

For men with fibromyalgia, it can be tough to find a dress pant that doesn’t exacerbate painful symptoms. Pants from Target’s Haggar H26 line include stretch, and Ian Sheil said they’re soft, gentle and lightweight.

“They have classic and straight fits. I prefer the modern or straight fit. But they feel like golf pants and glide over the skin instead of grabbing into it,” Sheil said. “They are my favorite dress pants to wear ever. They are also wrinkle-free, iron-free and machine washable.”

Buy the pants featured above for $32.99 at Target.

4. Woman Within

woman within skirt

Many of Woman Within’s pants come in a comfy stretch-knit fabric, while dresses feature a loose, unstructured cut. The brand specializes in plus sizes, with the majority of items below $50.

“Lots of stretch, cotton, no tags and the skirts are to die for,” recommended Tifney Schoenfeld.

Buy the skirt featured above for $39.90 at Woman Within.

5. Lily Morgan

leopard print lily morgan tunic top

Lily Morgan can be found at the Canadian retailer Giant Tiger, or online (Canada only), and offers a nice variety of blouses, sweaters, leggings, and dresses. You can find deals by shopping online, where most items cost less than $20.

“Sooooo comfortable and cheap and beautifully professional!” said Koroleva Voyny.

Buy the shirt featured above for $16 at Giant Tiger.

6. LuLaRoe

lularoe dress

LuLaRoe’s brightly-patterned leggings are renowned among people with chronic illnesses, though your office dress code may prohibit you from wearing them to work. Luckily, LuLaRoe also offers soft T-shirt dresses, maxi skirts, and kimono-style sweaters that work as business-casual styles.

“I love their loose shirts and skirts that are so soft and make me feel like I’m wearing PJ’s but I look hella cute. I’m usually in a maxi skirt,” Krystal Nicole said.

LuLaRoe is only sold through independent consultants. Find a retailer near you at LuLaRoe.

7. Land’s End

land's end polo shirt

You can find high-quality styles at Land’s End, including men’s and women’s shirts in super soft 100 percent cotton. Land’s End also offers a range of sizes, from petite to “tall plus.”

Buy the shirt featured above for $39.50 at Land’s End.

8. PinkBlush

pink blush pants

If waistbands are painful for you, maternity pants can be a practical alternative. Not all women like wearing maternity clothes if they’re not pregnant, but if you’re OK with it, check out maternity brands, like PinkBlush, which offer styles that are more roomy and comfortable.

Buy the pants featured above for $43 at Pink Blush.

9. Olivia Sky

olivia sky black blouse


If you’re looking for soft, blousy, loose-fitting tops that are also appropriate for work, Olivia Sky has options for you. Kohl’s, Nordstrom Rack and Walmart all carry the brand.

“I like Olivia Sky clothing. They are soft and light. On high pain days they feel the best and are fashionable,” Robin Donaghy Patnode said.

Buy the shirt featured above for $19.97 at Nordstrom Rack.

10. Investments

dillard's investments pants and sweater

Investments is sold through Dillard’s, and just about the entire line is workplace-friendly. Most items are below $40. Kayla Kraemer Duthu highlighted the pants in particular, which come in a variety of cuts and feature a pull-on construction and expanding waistband.

“They are stretchy, soft, and some have an elastic waist. They also come in different lengths,” Duthu explained.

Buy the pants featured above for $39 on Dillard’s.

11. J. Jill

j jill blue printed dress

Most of J.Jill’s dresses are cut in a comfortable shirtdress style, without constricting waistbands. They also carry long, tunic-style tops that can be paired with leggings, as well as colorful maxi skirts. This brand is a bit more of a splurge, but you can find significant markdowns on many items on the website.

Buy the dress featured above for $79.99 at J. Jill.

Have a brand you love? Let us know in the comments below.