How Fitbit's New Update Helps Me as Someone With Anxiety

For most people with anxiety, the typical “take deep breaths” approach doesn’t work. In fact, often when someone tells you that, you’re more inclined to scream at them or just walk away.

However, now “taking deep breaths” just might do the trick with Fitbit’s new update.

Fitbit just released their new update to go along with the new line of fitness trackers. One feature in this new update can help people with anxiety get their control back when it seems “the monster” is taking over.

The feature is called “RELAX” and goes for two minute sessions. When activating it, you are asked to inhale and exhale while watching the tracker detect your breathing rhythm. After this is done, the Fitbit will vibrate every time it wants you to inhale and exhale. This takes your mind off that niggling little pest in the back of your head as you become totally immersed in your own breathing pattern.

When it finishes, you feel much calmer and go on with what you were doing. For people who need help with self-controlled deep breathing, this can help you out.

One more step in front of anxiety — you’re still winning.

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Photo via Fitbit Facebook page.

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