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John McCain Stops Cancer Treatment a Year After 'Poor' Prognosis

Update: On Aug. 24 2018, John McCain’s family announced McCain would stop treatment for his glioblastoma a little more than a year after his diagnosis. The Arizona Secretary of State’s office confirmed to the Washington Post that the governor will appoint a replacement for McCain in the Senate until the election in 2020.

On Sept. 24, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) gave an exclusive interview to “60 Minutes,” just two days after he announced he cannot “in good conscience” vote for the Graham-Cassidy bill.

Talking to correspondent Lesley Stahl about the status of his brain cancer diagnosis, McCain said, “I am more energetic and more engaged as a result of this because I know that I’ve got to do everything I can to serve this country while I can.”

McCain, 80, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a fast-growing and aggressive form of brain cancer, in July. He returned to Congress 11 days after having a blood clot over his left eye removed, and has finished his first round of chemo.

He even joked about the “lousy” and healthy diet his wife Cindy has put him on:


 Photo courtesy of “60 Minutes”