Julia Louis-Dreyfus‏ Announces She Has Breast Cancer

Update: Louis-Dreyfus’ costars dedicated “Eye of the Tiger” to her as she prepared for her third round of chemotherapy.

Update: Louis-Dreyfus shared an update on Instagram — the first since she announced she had breast cancer.

On Thursday, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus announced she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. Louis-Dreyfus, 56, best known for her roles as Elaine Benes on “Seinfeld” and President Selina Meyer on “Veep” shared the news with her fans in a tweet.

“1 in 8 women get breast cancer. Today, I’m the one,”Louis-Dreyfus wrote, adding:

The good news is that I have the most glorious group of supportive and caring friends, and fantastic insurance through my union. The bad news is that not all women are so lucky, so let’s fight all cancers and make universal health care a reality.

According to People, the actress was diagnosed the day after the Emmy awards, where Louis-Dreyfus won her sixth consecutive Emmy for her role on “Veep.” Her win set a record for most wins playing the same character in the same series.

Since her tweet, fans and other celebrities — like Christina Applegate, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 — have rallied behind Louis-Dreyfus, sharing words of support and encouraging gifs.

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