8 Self-Care Ideas for Spoonies

Being chronically ill really takes its toll on both your body and your mind. So much about your life changes when you get sick and lose control over so many aspects of your life. It can be an exhausting adjustment.

A lot of people think being this sick just entails a lot of Netflix-ing, hot baths, naps and comfort foods. Although for some people those things are a part of being sick, there is a lot more to it than that. Being chronically ill means sleeping endlessly and still not being able to keep your eyes open, counting down the minutes until your next dose of pain or nausea medication, being unable to shower because of orthostatic and heat intolerances, having to have other people brush and braid your hair and all sorts of other fun things!

That said, it’s really important that individuals with chronic illnesses take time to do things that bring them joy or make them feel good. Whether it’s self care, comfort items, fashion, etc. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most common “feel good” options to keep in mind if you’re a spoonie looking for a pick-me-up or if you’re someone else looking for a gift for a spoonie.


1. Manicure and Pedicure

My personal favorite way to pamper/spoil myself is to have my nails done! It’s a small thing, but it helps me feel a little more put together and fashionable even when I’m in my pajamas all day.

2. Hair – Washed, Cut, Styled

It can be extremely difficult for many spoonies to wash their hair due to either orthostatic intolerances, heat intolerances, extreme fatigue or having central lines that can’t get wet. Some girls really like going to a stylist to have their hair washed once a week, and having it cut and styled every now and then is nice too!

3. Bath Package – Salts, Bubbles, Oils

Baths can be both relaxing and pain relieving for many individuals with chronic pain. Essential oils and bath salts are great for pain and bubbles are just fun!

4. Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? As long as there’s no major allergy, flowers are a great pick-me-up. Especially if they’re a surprise!

5. Makeup

A lot of girls do their makeup every day, even if they don’t go anywhere. It just helps them feel like a “real person.” My mom used to say that if you dress up and look nice, you’ll feel good, too. Sometimes I think it’s true.

6. Cute PJs

When you spend a lot of time bed-bound or homebound, it’s nice to have some cute, comfy PJ options. Being able to change into fresh PJs is refreshing – even if they are just PJs.

7. Lotion, Body Spray, Body Wash Package

Every girl wants to smell good, right? Again, watch for allergies, but this is another good option for a gift!

8. Fuzzy, Warm Everything!

Blankets, socks, cute leggings – comforting, warm, good for appointments and car rides. Great fall/winter comforts.

There are plenty of other ways people like to treat themselves or care for themselves, but these are a few from the top of the list!

Whether you’re sick or healthy, it’s important to care for yourself and treat yourself every now and then.

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