To My Husband: Thank You for Supporting Me Through My PPD

To the one who gives me kisses even when I smell of sour milk and tears,

We’ve been here before. Me, thanking you for being my rock in times I am not feeling grounded. Now, more than ever, let me say I see you and I appreciate you for everything you do. Not only are you winning at husbanding, but you are winning the dad game.

From the moment our daughter was born, you just seemed to have it all figured out, so effortlessly. Not only did you take the middle-of-the-night diaper changes and feedings, but you comforted your wife as she sobbed through some hardcore postpartum depression. You didn’t make me feel like a bad mom for not having it all figured out right away, but instead supported me on days when I was down.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I didn’t want to eat. I wanted to cry all the time. All of this was happening while we were trying to figure out our new life with our beautiful baby girl. Becoming a parent is hard, and dealing with postpartum depression was hard — not just on me, but I know it was hard on you, too.

Together, we got through it. You helped out when I was overwhelmed and needed a moment to collect myself. You told me you loved me when I looked like I really needed to hear it. You told me our daughter loved me when I felt like I was failing her. For all of this, I am eternally grateful. Not only have I chosen this incredible man to be my husband, but you are the best father to our daughter I could have ever asked for.

Love always,
The woman who loves you despite your snoring

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Photo by Chelsea Whetsel Photography

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