6 Common Misconceptions About People With Chronic Illnesses

Author Toni Bernhard shares six common things people believe about having a chronic illness that aren’t true.

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6 Common Misconceptions About People With Chronic Illnesses

Misconception #1: The way a person looks reflects how he or she is feeling physically.

The truth is… there I am, “looking great,” while my body is pulsating with flu-like symptoms.

Misconception #2: If people’s mental state makes them feel worse physically, than their chronic illness cannot possibly be physically based.

The next time you feel under stress — can you feel that your muscles have tightened?

A person’s mental state can easily exacerbate the physical symptoms of chronic illness.

Misconception #3: “Radical rest” will assure that the chronically ill will feel better than if they didn’t rest.

Resting may increase the odds that I’ll be less sick than usual on the day of the event, but it’s no guarantee.

Misconception #4: If chronically ill people are enjoying themselves, they must feel OK.

People who are chronically ill have learned to put up with the symptoms of illness.

Misconception #5: Stress reduction techniques are a cure for chronic pain and illness.

Stress reduction techniques can be effective symptom relief, but they are not a cure.

Misconception #6: Being home all day is a dream lifestyle.

Is being home all day feeling sick and in pain a dream lifestyle? I think not.

I hope that, someday soon, we can say these are six uncommon misconceptions.

Written By Toni Bernhard

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