'Dancing With the Stars' Cast List Includes 4 Celebs With Illnesses and Disabilities

The season 25 cast list, includes four celebrities, including Paralympian Victoria Arlen, who have shared their stories about living with disability and illness.

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This Season’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Includes 4 Celebs With Illnesses and Disabilities.

Four of the 13 competitors have personal experience related to disability and illness.

Victoria Arlen

The Paralympian was diagnosed with transverse myelitis and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis as a teen.

Debbie Gibson

The 80s pop icon has been open about living with Lyme disease after being diagnosed in 2013.

Gibson told People in 2014 that the disease affected her physical health as well as her cognitive skills.

Barbara Corcoran

She is most known as an investor on ‘Shark Tank’ and has dyslexia.

Lindsey Stirling

The violinist has spoken publicly, sharing her experience with anorexia.

Nick Lachey

The lead singer of 98 Degrees advocates for autism awareness with his brother, Zac, who is on the spectrum.

We’ll be rooting for these contestants as they raise awareness for their conditions.


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