A Letter to My Sweet Little Lady Who Has Down Syndrome

My sweet little lady,

Mommas can get caught up in the mundane obligations of life. You and your two older sisters make me realize laundry will always be there, dishes will forever need to be washed. My need for things to be picture perfect has been replaced with a better perspective.

Life isn’t perfect, but we can choose to see how imperfectly perfect it actually is and be happy in it! We can see what really matters, which is an investment in each other and in lives, not in a perfect looking life!

I look at your sweet smile and curiosities and stand still in the moment. I laugh when I see you pull things out of baskets, whether it’s a little trash basket or laundry basket…. and then throw them! You are so intrigued by the newness of life’s experiences. I see wonderment in your eyes and experience laughter with you over the silliest noise or element of surprise.

You make me feel an innocent and easy love again.

I say “easy,” because it is truly easy to love you and your sisters.

You are not only part of my flesh, but the spirit that resides in me.

You help give me purpose and love that is like no other.

I love you “more than words” and no matter what you do, that will never change.

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