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Megadeth Band Member Dave Mustaine Reveals He Tested Positive for Lyme Disease

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed he’s tested positive for Lyme disease.

The band recently completed their North American “Crazy World” tour,  after which a fan tweeted Mustaine asking about the transition between touring and being home. Mustaine replied, “i needed to come home. i have a tick bite from the farm that made me really sick for the last few months and I am really tired.”

Another fan responded, telling Mustaine to make sure it’s not Lyme disease — a tick-borne illness which can cause long-term health issues — to which Mustaine replied, “that’s what it is.”

Since testing positive for Lyme, Mustaine said he doesn’t believe the test and plans to get a second opinion.

Misdiagnosis is common among the chronic illness community, with Lyme disease tests known to be inaccurate. It is estimated that 56 percent of patients with Lyme disease test negative using the two-tiered testing system recommended by the CDC.

While Mustaine seems to have the opposite problem as those who test negative but believe they are positive, he is facing his current diagnosis with strength and humor.

“I’m feeling fine,” he told fans in a tweet. “I bit the tick in retaliation. He’s even sicker now than I was.”

Fans flooded Mustaine with supportive messages on Twitter, offering both well wishes and advice for dealing with Lyme.

Twitter user Joel Quest told Mustaine he also struggled with Lyme, “but got thru it by keeping a good attitude and of course METAL!”

In true form, the heavy metal musician responded, “Yeah. That’s about right. But the show must go on! I’ve been beaten up, beaten down, ridden hard & put away wet AND I still tour my ass off!”

Image via Creative Commons/KarinaInTO