To the Little Girl in Pretty Pink Dresses With Depression

Big plastic playgrounds and pretty pink dresses

Fairytales and butterfly kisses

Boo-boos and band-aids,

This is how things should have been

A tiny little girl with great big dreams

Lover of life and everything

But unfortunately the world is cruel

And it broke her heart in two

The littlest girl with the biggest dreams

Lover of life and everything

But unfortunately the world is cruel

And it broke her heart in two

The littlest girl with the biggest dreams

Began to only wear long-sleeves

The playgrounds and dresses became too small

As her beautiful smile began to fall

Those fairytale endings never came true

As her heart grew quite a bruise

The boo-boos turned to cuts

And the only band-aid was a half smile to cover them up

Bedtime stories became nightmares

And that childhood joy disappeared

This isn’t what life should’ve done

To the little lover of everyone

But unfortunately life had another plan

And what shouldn’t be is what happened

Those big dreams disappeared

As breathing became her biggest fear

She felt more pain than scars could ever show

As all her hope crashed so low

The little girl in pretty pink dresses

Should’ve only had finger paint messes

But instead she got suicidal thoughts

Things that should never cross a little girl’s mind

Managed to overtake her life

No one could understand

The racing thoughts inside her head

Or the pictures in her mind

That she was lost inside

The littlest girl with the biggest dreams

Desperately longed to be free

But she was trapped inside

The things that stole her life

Those pretty pink dresses, cute as could be

With the strongest child you’ll ever meet

And even when life tore her apart

She still had a sweet child’s heart

Even loving the ones who hurt her most

The only thing she couldn’t do

Was to love herself too

As all the things he said

Took root inside her head

Believing she deserved the pain

Covered by her half smile band-aid

To the little girl in pretty pink dresses:

You only deserved finger paint messes

But no matter how much she heard the truth

Lies were still what took root

And the little girl in pretty pink dresses

Had psychiatric admissions

Her dresses were replaced with paper pants

Since they said she could hurt herself with them

A makeover look; edgy and chic

With charcoal for her lipstick

A yellow shirt, bright as the sun

Yelling out “I’m the crazy one!”

Happy pills replaced happy meals

But they didn’t work very well

Happy pills and chill pills

Expressions became so literal

Psych wards became like home

At least there she wasn’t alone

So the little girl in pretty pink dresses

Wasn’t allowed to make finger paint messes

The paint was toxic

And dresses were dangerous

ER trips became expected

They were full of familiar faces

Finger paint was locked away

With everything else, so she’d be safe

Little did they know

She stooped living long ago

Her heart had not stopped beating

But she was really just existing

No one ever asked her why

She tried so hard to die

The only thing she lived

Was her past, over and over again

Oh, how much she wished

That she could just forget

About all of it

If only she could go back to pretty pink dresses

Making all of the finger paint messes

Deep down inside

Beneath the pain she tried to hide

She was still in there

Drowning in her tears

Beneath the pain she tried to hide

She was still in there

Drowning in her tears

Beneath the paper pants

And her charcoal lipstick

Under the half smile band-aids

And scars on her thighs

Through the lies that took root

And broke her heart in two

Somewhere in there was a little girl

With a real smile, who loved the world

Wearing pretty pink dresses

While she made finger paint messes

The littlest girl with the biggest dreams

Determined to set herself free

If you or someone you know needs help, visit our suicide prevention resources page.

If you need support right now, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, the Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386 or text “HOME” to 741-741. Head here for a list of crisis centers around the world.

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