The Power of Music on Tough Days With Illness

For this past week or even two weeks, my symptoms have been flaring. After being in a flare for a bit, it gets harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At least for me, I have trouble and I will have the tendency to internalize my struggle, causing me to seem rude to others or just plain off.

When I start to realize this, I turn my struggle to something else so I can find some joy. I start to speak mantras to myself: “You got this,” “You can do this,” “You are more than your illness.” Sometimes I have to completely withdraw from reality and hang out on YouTube for hours. This time around I am finding solace in music.

As a musician, I find solace in music making, analyzing, composing, etc. As a human with a chronic illness, I find my struggles in music, where I find peace and contentment. This may sound weird by how I describe it, but there are just times where you need to feel your struggles validated. Music is where I go for that because people who don’t experience chronic illness don’t know how to react, and I usually don’t have the energy to try to explain when I am in a flare.

Of course, I don’t sit there moping through my flare. I put on a song or a piece of music that is speaking to my emotions at the time. Currently, “Waving Through a Window” by Ben Platt from the Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen” is what I am obsessed with. It speaks to me on so many different levels and provides me the most comfort.



This song has been on repeat and represents someone who feels invisible. There are days where I do feel invisible and listening to this song helps me feel visible. I fight an invisible illness every day and it takes so much energy. After listening to this song, I feel comforted and like I have the energy to continue on with my day. I feel like I can conquer this illness.

That is the power of music. It can help validate your feelings when nothing else can and can truly help people not only battling illness, but anything. If you are feeling invisible, I highly suggest giving this song a listen. Even if you are not feeling invisible, it is a great song to listen to anyway.

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