Rep. Tim Murphy, Author of Landmark Mental Health Bill, Caught in Scandal, Reports Show

Update: On Wednesday, Murphy announced he will not be seeking re-election and will retire after finishing his current term.

A report published Tuesday by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette casts a negative light on Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), a former psychologist, who has long pushed for mental health care reform.

Murphy authored the Helping Families In Mental Health Crisis Act — a landmark piece of mental health legislation passed last year by Congress. According to the Post-Gazette, texts and memos show Murphy, who is considered pro-life, texted the woman he was having an affair with that she should have an abortion, and had a history of being “abusive” towards his staff.

A memo sent to the Post-Gazette, written by Murphy’s chief of staff, Susan Mosychuk, alleges Murphy demeaned his staff to the point the office had an almost 100 percent turnover rate. Murphy was reportedly verbally abusive, threatening employees and creating an environment filled with “terror.”

“You were storming around as we walked in, and as we sat down for prep — having just arrived literally moments ago — you started in on the [legislative director] and verbally abused him, harassed him, chastised him and criticized all his work products,” the memo reads, adding:

You called many of the work products that he literally gave up his weekend to produce as “useless.” You pushed other documents off the table onto the floor because they weren’t what you wanted. Then you got angry and demanded we find the documents that you had just thrown on the ground.

Murphy has yet to comment regarding either allegation but did admit to having an affair last month.

Update: When asked for comment, a representative from Murphy’s office said, “The office has no comment or response to the story.”

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