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17 Self-Care Ideas for Anyone Staying Home This Friday Night

There are many reasons someone would stay in on a Friday night. Maybe your mental health has been kicking your butt this week, and you need time to decompress. Maybe you’ve been running around taking care of everyone else, and need time to take care of you. Or maybe just the thought of being social makes you exhausted.

Whatever your reason is for staying home this Friday night, we want you to know it’s more than OK not to go out. Spend some time tonight on self-care, because you are important and you matter.

We wanted to know what people do for self-care when they stay in on Friday night, so we asked members of our mental health community to share their favorite self-care tips for nights in.

Also, please remember if you’re staying in this Friday night, it’s not because you’re “uncool” or because no one wants to hang out with you. Plus, there’s nothing cooler than taking care of your mental health anyway.

Here are some self-care tips from our community:

1. Watch a Favorite Movie or TV Show

“Resting and watching a TV show. No pressure on me!” — Lauren B.

2. Make Yourself Dinner

Eat a healthy meal and enjoy cooking it to your favorite music or something, then get a load of movies lined up to watch, you can do it alone or invite a friend over. But yeah just enjoy the simple things. Food and films.” — Lawrence S.

3. Skip the Social Media

Stay off of social media. If you are feeling depressed or anxious, looking at all of your friends going out and having fun may make you feel worse. You start comparing yourself to them and that never ends well.” — Heather H.

“Avoid social media as it can make you feel like your life is boring. Not having plans on a Friday night will not make you a dull person. So enjoy the time you spend with yourself.” — Tiyasha S.

4. Cry

“Let yourself cry and let go of everything you’ve been bottling up. Allow yourself to feel all of the emotions you’ve been hiding away from your peers even if you don’t want to. Let your face become a mess because when you’re home alone on a Friday night after a long, emotionally exhausting and physically rough week you owe it to yourself to just not care about how you look on the outside, because everything on the inside needs to be poured out of you as if you’re detoxifying yourself. Become that hot mess you see in the mirror every morning as you get ready to put your mask on for the work day. Just let it all out.” — Ashley D.

5. Listen to Calming Music

“As I live near a street full of night clubs in the city, I often hear the bass beats coming from them. I usually either wear earplugs or turn on calm music when I sleep. If I’m not sleeping, I find something interesting to do to distract my mind from the brouhaha happening outside.” — Josh N.

“Listen to music while alone in [your] room. Or do mindfulness exercises.” — Mitz N.

6. FaceTime a Friend

“Sometimes I don’t feel like going out on a Friday night for whatever reason. Maybe I’m overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted or depressed. I have found that Face-Timing a friend is extremely helpful. Helps me feel less alone and in good company. Sometimes I will simply watch movies with them, read a book with them or even just have a nice conversation. It can really uplift my night and weekend without having to over-exert myself.” — Kellyann N.

7. Sing

“I relax myself by singing, because it makes me feel good. Hearing my own voice sing and sing the songs I love makes me feel good and like I am good at something. Find something that gives you comfort, makes you smile and feel relaxed. It might take some time to find something that makes you feel these things, but it’s about experimenting and finding something that suits you.” — Lauren H.

8. Use a Face Mask

Not sure it’s ‘self-care,’ but I’m obsessed with face masks right now. They somehow make me relax and give [me] something to concentrate on besides [my] physical or mental pain for a bit.” — Kim P.

9. Do Something Artistic

“Crafts and coloring also relaxes me, as well as listening to music.” — Mandy S.

“Do anything creative! Painting, drawing, sewing, knitting. Anything at all.” — Emma J.

“Painting… It’s good to work your week of emotions out on canvas.” — Justin E.

10. Clean

I make myself clean something. Bathroom, dishes, something I’ve let go too long. And nap. Always naps.” — Jennifer R.

11. Go for a Swim

Going for a relaxing swim, spending the evening with a loved one and chucking on a funny movie. Works every time!” — Kristy C.

12. Take a Bath

“Bubble bath and movie to decompress from the week!” — Andrea G.

“A hot bath, scented with lavender and meditation music. Just being inside myself and by myself.” — Tamara Z.

13. Pretend You Are at the Spa

“Pamper yourself, wash and condition your hair, do your nails, do all the luxurious things you don’t normally have time for. Listen to some soothing music light a candle and pretend you are in a spa.” — Katie S.

14. Use a Heating Pad

“I like taking a hot bath to relax the tension in my body. Then I like to get one of those eye patches you can heat up in the microwave. I heat that up, put it over my eyes and it helps with my headaches. Also keeping my eyes closed keeps the distractions away.” — Claudia M.

15. Spend Extra Time Getting Ready for Bed

“Take a hot shower, put on your favorite pajamas, make a cup of tea and watch your favorite movie. You deserve to be kind to yourself.” — Selena R.

16. Make Your Bed Super Comfy

“I build a nest in bed with a lot of blankets and pillows, a good snack and a favorite show. Add the cat and it’s a great evening.” — Sarah W.

17. Go to Sleep Early

To get a early night, and a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a major player in maintaining good health. Still very underestimated.” — Jamie C.

“Go to bed early. You’ve probably stayed up late all week. You need your sleep and it helps if you still get up at the regular time, even on weekends.” — Shaun S.

What would you add?