18 Times 'The Office' Perfectly Described Life With Chronic Illness

On days when I’m struggling with my chronic illness, depression, or both, sometimes all I can manage is curling up in bed and watching Netflix. But if my health is already bringing me down, I find it immensely helpful (and distracting) to put on one of my favorite lighthearted and funny TV shows.

Like many others, I’m sure, one of my go-to options is “The Office.” Not only are there nine whole seasons to immerse myself in, but the show makes me laugh until I cry every single time – regardless of how many times I’ve seen each episode.

So, for anyone who’s feeling about as well as Meredith after Michael hit her with his car, this one’s for you.

1. When you’re trying to keep up with all your responsibilities while battling chronic illness:

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2. When you feel your symptoms starting to flare up:

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3. When someone says you don’t “look” sick:

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4. When people try to offer you unsolicited medical advice:

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5. When you just don’t understand what’s going on with your body:

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6. When you know you’ll pay tomorrow for doing something fun today:

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7. When someone says you should try being more positive:

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8. When you’re sick of being sick:

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9. When your doctor asks which parts of your body hurt:

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10. When your illness keeps you stuck at home:

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11. When someone tells you to feel better soon:

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12. When a new treatment actually works:

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13. When all your test results come back negative:

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14. When you spend all night researching your condition:

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15. When you know more about your illness than your doctor:

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16. When someone asks how you’re doing:

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17. When you make it through a day with spoons left over:

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18. When you remember you’re a chronic warrior and are strong enough to face any obstacles life throws your way:

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