16 Coupons to Give a Chronically Ill Friend

When you live with chronic health challenges, things like spending time with loved ones, a home-cooked meal or help paying your bills, tend to be more valuable than gifts such as new clothes, electronics or jewelry.

Since these types of practical gifts can’t really be bought in stores and wrapped, we created 16 coupons for kind gestures that can make life easier for your chronically ill loved ones. Print the list or copy and paste the coupons you like to send to your friend to “redeem” them when they need some love.

1. A Home-Cooked Meal

a coupon for a home cooked meal

2. A Movie Night Featuring the Movie of Your Choice

a coupon for a movie night featuring the movie of your choice

3. A Trip to the Grocery Store Plus Unpacking at Home

Trip to the grocery store coupon

4. A Ride To and From the Destination of Your Choice

a coupon for a ride to and from the destination of your choice

5. Paying Your Phone Bill This Month

a coupon for paying your phone bill this month

6. An Afternoon of Yardwork Around Your House

coupon for an afternoon of yardwork around your house

7. Binge-Watching Your Favorite Show With Me

a coupon for binge-watching your favorite show with me

8. Paying Your Electricity Bill This Month

coupon for paying your electricity bill this month

9. Cleaning Your House

coupon for cleaning your house

10. Going to a Doctor’s Appointment With You

coupon for going to a doctors appointment with you

11. Babysitting Your Kids

coupon for babysitting your kids

12. Dinner at Your Favorite Restaurant

coupon for dinner at your favorite restaurant

13. A Foot Rub and/or Back Rub

coupon for a foot rub and/or back rub

14. Paying for Your TV Streaming This Month

coupon for paying for your tv streaming this month

15. Paying for a Medical Bill

coupon that says paying for a medical bill

16. Doing All Your Household Chores for a Day

coupon for doing all your household chores for a day


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