29 Gift Ideas for Your Chronically Ill Loved Ones

It’s the holiday season. Do you have someone on your list who has a chronic illness? Are you looking for sensible items that would be beneficial to good health? Here are some gift ideas from those of us who are chronically ill:

1. An air purifier. My doctor recommends the Honeywell 50250 on Amazon.

2. Essential oils. Health benefits and joyful smells!

3. Essential oil diffuser.

4. A box of allergen-free goodies! Can you find goodies that are wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free? This is a fun project for kids to help with.

5. A healing session to a salt cave.

6. A healing session with a reiki master or masseuse.

7. An ionic foot bath, or foot bath session.

8. A bath gift package with Epsom salt for detoxing and other allergen-free products that make a person feel good. I personally love Vermont Soaps.

9. A zip up, personal infrared sauna. In my opinion, for the best value for your money – search on Amazon to find one around $100.

10. A gift card for a market, for gas, or home utilities. As someone with a chronic illness, I spend so much on medical, often I am desperately in need here.

11. A warm and cozy blanket.

12. Tempurpedic pillow or mattress pad.

13. Slippers!

14. Items with magnetic therapy.

15. A tablet or laptop. A way for us to stay in touch with the real world.

16. An animal. Animals bring love and a sense of purpose. Make sure they are able to care for it, though.

17. An uplifting quote on a plaque.

18. A chiropractic visit.

19. An offer to taxi the person around to appointments.

20. Cleaning service or home improvement service. Sometimes we are just in too much pain to clean or improve things around the house, or too financially unable.

21. A gift card that can be used online, intended for things that we would never be able to splurge on by ourselves. Or for things like clothing that we wouldn’t naturally spend money on for ourselves when we have medications and supplements as priorities.

22. Learning toys that distract and entertain, and also boost brain power.

23. A slow cooker.

24. A blender.

25. Autoimmune protocol recipe book.

26. A hotel stay. Great for us who travel out of state for our appointments.

27. Zero gravity chair.

28. A visit. From you.

29. A simple card. What’s more joyful than spreading cheer?

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Gettyimage by: PavelIvanov

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