Harry Styles Stops Concert to Help Fan Having a Panic Attack

At a concert in London on Sunday, Harry Styles stopped mid-performance after noticing a fan in the crowd in distress. The concertgoer was having a panic attack and security was trying to reach her.

“If everyone could give her a little space—just chill for one second. We’ll get some people,” Styles said to the crowd.

The fan, who The Mighty identified as Annie Eldred, 18, has had panic attacks since the age of 10, but didn’t know what they were until she was 14. At the concert, Eldred said she was crushed and pushed by fans behind her and fell to the floor. She started having a panic attack, and some of the other fans in the front row yelled to Styles to stop performing.

A video caught the security guards trying to get her over the barrier while Styles asked if she was OK.

“The way the venue security and medics handled it was incredible and they deserve so much credit for it,” Eldred told The Mighty.

In tweets obtained by Uproxx, Eldred, whose account is in private mode, shared:

Harry Styles stopped his entire show because I got crushed and then watched me being pulled over the barrier. That was one of the most horrendous panic attacks I’ve ever had, like even the medics were terrified of the state I was in. Harry is so f*cking pure I can’t believe it. I feel like f*cking sh*t but I’m so grateful to Harry for having such a pure heart and stopping the show to get security to help me.

Eldred was given tickets by the venue, Eventim Apollo, for the next night and was able to re-attend the concert.

This isn’t the first time Styles has gone out of his way to make sure his fans are OK. In 2014, Styles comforted a fan who was having a panic attack by hugging her and telling her to take deep breaths at a book signing for One Direction.

Photo via Twitter

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