I Want to Be That Woman, That Breast Cancer Survivor

I thought I had worried my worry out. So to say. But, I still have tears at the drop of a hat.

It’s an emotional time. I have a high school senior! So I’m not sure it’s the worry, or just how much I love those around me and couldn’t imagine things any different than they are right now.

This hasn’t been one of our best years. I was praying with the start of a new school year it would sort of be a new start in general for my family. Being Mak’s senior year, I was hoping for the best. But, if it is not one thing, it’s always another.

I have already decided whatever my outcome from this morning’s three biopsies, I am getting through it with a positive attitude.

If I have learned anything from all the inspiring women I have spoken to, from breast cancer survivors and family with breast cancer or lumps, to women who have had the scare of breast cancer, it’s that they are all strong, hard driven women who are all very positive and inspiring.

And with their strength they remained positive through their experiences.

I have also learned from speaking to these women everyone’s experience is so different, but as a whole, so alike. We all feel the same worry and anxiety, and we all have family and loved ones whom we care so much about and stand beside us as we face the unknown.

I made it the whole morning — not a single tear.

Then, as I walked out of radiology into a waiting room full of women from my age all the way up to a woman in her late eighties or early nineties, who all have their own stories (none of which I knew, but still crossed my mind), I smiled at them. I told my grandpa I was all done and we could get out of there.

That is when the older woman in the room got up. She approached me with open arms and wrapped them around me. She said, “23-year breast cancer survivor. God is with you no matter which way he leads you. I am proof you can do this. I am praying for you.”

I was instantly in tears and knew she had been talking to my grandpa. This woman, whom I have never met before in my life, just inspired me and touched a piece of me way down deep.

I knew from that moment I wanted to be that woman.

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