15 Memes That Perfectly Describe Living With a Chronic Illness During the Holidays

The holidays are an exciting and joyful time for many, but for those with chronic illness, they can be the cause of some extra stress and frustration. Trying to manage all of life’s normal responsibilities is challenging enough, but throw in a chronic illness (or several) and the bustle of the holidays, and it can get a bit overwhelming.

Struggling with chronic illness during the holidays isn’t funny, but finding the humor in a tough situation can be a powerful coping tool. For that reason, we put together a list of holiday-related memes you might enjoy if you live with a chronic illness.

1. When your friends invite you to a big holiday party:

staying in bed meme
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2. When your relatives ask if you’re “feeling better yet”:

are you feeling ok meme
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3. When you want to decorate your home but just don’t have the energy:

close enough meme
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4. When the painsomnia is too real:

slept for 40 minutes meme
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5. When you’re trying to find a balance between enjoying the holidays and keeping your symptoms in check:

barely hanging on meme
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6. When fuzzy socks are actually the greatest gift ever:

socks meme
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7. When someone at the dinner table casually asks how you’ve been:

i'm fine meme
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8. When your medical bills are stacking up but it’s also the holidays:

christmas budget meme
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9. When you’re trying to put on a smile even though you’re in pain:

inward scream meme
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10. When you don’t have the energy to cook fancy holiday meals:

ginger bread house
via @jennifercwood Instagram

11. When you’re trying to explain chronic illness to your relatives but they just don’t get it:

questions about illness meme
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12. When all the holiday decorations start causing sensory overload:

lights everywhere meme
via @PainWarriorCode Twitter

13. When your body makes you pay for going to that holiday party last night:

waking up today meme
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14. When people ask if you’re going anywhere for the holidays:

pain travels meme
via @the_spoonie_chronicles Instagram

15. When you feel like death but still got that holiday spirit:

skeleton christmas meme
via olgatarta on DeviantArt

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