The Responses to This Tweet Show Why You Shouldn't Shame People for Buying Packaged Fruit

Many supermarkets now feature a selection of peeled, cut and packaged fruit. Some have called out this extra packaging as wasteful, including ocean conservation group Blue Planet Society in a tweet on Thursday. But people with disabilities are responding to explain why manufacturers, as well as those who buy packaged fruit, shouldn’t be shamed for it.

Blue Planet Society tweeted a photo of packaged orange slices with the caption, “Earth-shattering stupidity courtesy of Group Carrefour. Join the campaign with the hashtag #PointlessPlastics.”

People with disabilities quickly came to the company’s defense, explaining that pre-cut, peeled fruit is actually extremely helpful for people living with disabilities that make it difficult to use their hands.

Some people suggested asking supermarket employees to peel and cut produce for you, though others pointed out this creates more work for disabled people and might not even be possible at all stores. And asking a caregiver to prepare fruit and vegetables may not be possible either, if the caregiver isn’t around or if a disabled person doesn’t have a caregiver.

Ultimately, many said environment-friendly packaging would be a positive solution, rather than eliminating packaging altogether.

Last year, a meme referring to people who buy packed, peeled oranges as “lazy” went viral. Mighty contributor Lindsay Jolly, a mom whose son has fine and gross motor delays, wrote a response and explained, “All I can do is encourage people to look beyond a picture and realize that sometimes things aren’t as cut and dry as they may seem. Easy doesn’t have to mean lazy.”

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