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5 Businesses That Sell Stim and Fidget Jewelry For Adults

Jewelry can be a discreet way to fidget or stim freely as an adult. Fidgeting can be helpful for those on the autism spectrum, as well as people with anxiety, ADHD and other conditions. While it’s common to see fidget spinners and other fidget and stim items designed for kids, it can be difficult to find items designed for adults.

To help you find a functional and fun piece you’ll truly enjoy, we’ve gathered a list of businesses that offer pieces suited for your stim or fidget needs.

1. Stimtastic

Stimtastic sells a wide variety of products for stimming, including jewelry. The company was created by Cynthia Kim, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 42. Ten percent of proceeds go back to the autism community.

stimtastic jewelry

Our picks: Wood Bead Necklace ($6.50) and Flight Spinner Ring ($9.50)

2. Calming Kits

Calming Kits sells bags filled with different fidget objects, including jewelry. All items are designed to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Calming Kits jewelry

Our picks: Acupressure Bracelet ($7) and Calming Jewelry Kit with Two Anxiety Rings On A Chain and One Anxiety Bracelet ($12).

3. Spacerobot Studio

Spacerobot Studio is run by individuals on the autism spectrum. The company originally sold “status” necklaces, items that show the mood or “status” of the individual wearing the piece, and has since expanded to include stim jewelry. Ten percent of sales go to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

Spacerobot Jewelry

Our picks: Spirit Level Necklace ($13.05) and Spinner Pendant Necklace ($8.09).

4. Renascent Studios

Renascent Studios sells a wide range of handcrafted jewelry that creates fidget jewelry for “busy hands.” Each year a portion of sales goes toward a selected charity. The Canadian Mental Health Association is the charity for 2017.

Renascent Studios Jewelry

Our picks: Wave Fidget Ring ($22) and Amazonite Fidget Bracelet ($14.66).

5. LoveDawne

Dawne McGregor makes jewelry to help relieve stress and anxiety. She is most known for her handcrafted fidget rings.

LoveDawne jewelry

Our picks: Dharma Fidget Ring ($17) and Sartori Fidget Ring ($23.80).

Have a jewelry brand you love? Let us know in the comments below.