The Mighty's Mental Health Gift Guide

It doesn’t matter if you’re blasting Christmas music on December 1, or counting the days until the holidays are through — the “most wonderful time of the year” is a lot, and not always wonderful for everyone. When you live with a mental illness or have negative memories associated with the holidays, the pressure to be joyful can make you feel like a Grinch, so it’s harder to appreciate the good things holidays can bring.

Take gift giving, for example. Although gifts are an opportunity to express how much you care about someone, they often get swept into the stress of the holidays. Fighting through crowded malls, money worries and the pressure to get it “right” can make gift giving a less than merry process.

To make your holiday shopping a little easier, we’ve listed all of our mental-illness-inspired gift guides in one convenient location. If you’re unsure what to get your loved one this year, we hope this list leaves you inspired.

1. Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

a cell phone case

9 Priceless Gifts to Give Someone With a Mental Illness

21 Self-Care Gifts You Can Buy for Under $10

15 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas Your Friend With a Mental Illness Will Love

15 Gifts You Can Give a Loved One, Even If Medical Bills Mean Your Budget Is Tight

2. Gifts That Give Back to the Mental Health Community

A t-shirt, a tote bag and a necklace

The Mighty’s Gift Guide for Giving Back to the Mental Health Community

3. Gifts Money Can’t Buy


21 Coupons to Give a Friend Struggling With Their Mental Health

29 Gifts People With Mental Illness Really Want for the Holidays

9 Priceless Gifts to Give Someone With a Mental Illness

4. Gifts for Someone Who Lives With Anxiety

An anxiety blob and a workbook

15 Gifts to Give Your Anxious Friend

10 Gift Ideas for Your Loved One With Depression and Anxiety

14 Gifts I’d Love as a Person With Generalized Anxiety Disorder

32 Gifts People With Anxiety Really Want for the Holidays

4. Gifts for Someone Who Lives With Depression

pill case and cards

21 Gifts for Your Friend Who Struggles With Depression

10 Gifts I Would Love to Receive as Someone With Depression

A Holiday Gift Guide for Your Loved One With Depression

5 Gifts You Can Buy (and 3 You Can’t) for a Person With Major Depressive Disorder

5. What to Get a Friend Who’s in the Hospital Over the Holidays

lotion and socks

13 Gift Ideas for a Friend Who’s in a Psychiatric Hospital

6. Gifts for a Loved One Who Feels Misunderstood

couple exchanging gifts

10 Thoughtful Gifts for People With Invisible Illness

7 Gift Ideas for Your Loved One With Schizophrenia

Thoughtful Gifts to Give a Loved One Living With Mental Illness

A Gift Giving Guide From a Man With Bipolar Disorder

7. Gifts for Someone in Eating Disorder Recovery

hands holding a gift

15 Gifts You Can Give a Loved One in Eating Disorder Recovery

8. Gifts for a Friend Who Has Trouble Sleeping at Night

head phones and lavender spray

16 Products That Help People With Anxiety at Night

9. Gifts to Get Yourself (Because You Deserve Some Love, Too)

A stuffed animal and a yoga matt

8 Gifts to Give Yourself for the Holidays

22 Things to Put in Your Self-Soothing Kit

25 Things to Put in Your Self-Care Kit

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