What Helps My Epilepsy During the Holidays

I always find the holidays to be a big mess! Everyone has so much to do and everyone is rushing to make sure it gets done. I find the holidays very stressful, which leads to anxiety attacks. So I decided to make up a list of things to remember during the holidays. There are just a few very small and simple things I try and remember every time I get anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, anything I feel I can’t handle.

The first thing I try to remember is to stay focused on one thing. Don’t try to do more than I can. If I’m already shopping for my husband, don’t get sidetracked by thinking, “Wow, I still have to get something for my sister too!” Stay focused on buying that perfect gift for my husband and then I’ll worry about my sister. You have to remember: one thing at a time.

The second thing I try to remember is to stay calm. Don’t let everyone else being panicky or overwhelmed get to you. You have to stay calm or you may end up having a anxiety attack or epileptic seizure! You don’t want that. Neither does your family.

The last thing I try to remember is that it’s just another day. No matter what holiday it is, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years etc., it’s just another day. To me, this is the most important thing to remember during the holidays. If I didn’t remind myself that it’s just another day, I couldn’t stay focused or calm.

Yes, having epilepsy during the holidays can be stressful. But you don’t have to make it any more stressful than needed. So remember, it’s just another day!

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