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The Everyday Effects of Fibro Fog

Fibro fog is a real part of fibromyalgia. Although it’s unclear what causes it, it can cause you to forget words, forget tasks, become more prone to losing things, become distracted easily and struggle with conversation. It’s like a haze that descends in an instant.

My best friend and I joke about it. We can be sitting having a conversation and halfway through, totally forget what we were talking about. It’s as if your brain shuts down and just stops working. Vanished. Vamoose. Gone. We make up words, to other people’s amusement. Sometimes I think if people could hear our conversations we would be sectioned! I forget simple, everyday things and I can’t tell you how many times I misplace stuff.

I can be walking down the high street and see someone I know, yet I can feel the cogs in my brain turning, trying to remember their name and where I know them from. That in itself is hard work!

It sounds funny but I can say from personal experience that it isn’t. Especially when you have many meetings regarding your son’s schooling. Or medical appointments. Have you ever tried to hold a conversation when you literally can’t remember a thing? Or you can’t understand what is being said? I did well at school, yet my basic skills escape me. Usually at the most important times as well! (Hence why I have lists everywhere.)

So next time you’re having a conversation with someone who has fibro, please be patient, we are trying!

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Photo via Goldfinch4ever on Getty Images