30 Memes That Describe What 'Chemo Brain' Feels Like

There’s nothing fun about undergoing chemotherapy, especially because of side effects like hair loss, nausea, fatigue, mouth sores and anemia. One of the most common side effects is “chemo brain,” a type of mental fog that causes memory loss, trouble concentrating and difficulty doing several things at once. Similar to brain fog caused by fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, it can be a truly frustrating experience. Sometimes though, as our community has proven with its sense of humor, when a slip-up happens or you say something completely nonsensical, all you can do is laugh. Once in a while, making fun of yourself is a great coping mechanism.

If this holds you true for you, you may enjoy some of the jokes we’ve gathered below. Check out some of our favorite memes about chemo brain and see if you can relate:








????Insane in the membrane???? Walking out with only one contact lens on ????, getting to the store with a shopping list in hand and still forgetting bananas ???? and avocados ????, leaving my $40 cash back at the register????, driving and having no idea where I was heading, constantly forgetting people’s names ????…ugh! Frustrating! These, among dozens of similar moments on the day ???? have made me question my sanity and even thought “and on top of everything I’m getting Alzheimer’s!?!?” Supposedly it’s all my chemo brain acting up. It feels like my brain turned into a tumbleweed: roaming and awfully dry. Just can’t wait for all the drugs to be washed off and I can go back to being my crazy self again ???? #wheresmyheadat #haveyouseenmykeys #chemobrain #chemofog #chemosucks #fuckchemo #chemo #chemotherapy #thisdoesntdefineme #ovariancancer #ovariancancerawareness #teacherlosingit #notfunny #montessoriangoingcrazy

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True story ???? #workfromhome #chemobrain #forgeteverything #imakelistsforeverything

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Descripción gráfica de mi cerebro! Con el patrocinio de #chemobrain ????

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