12 Coupons to Give a Friend Who Parents Kids With Disabilities

If you have a friend who parents kids with disabilities, perhaps you have wanted to do something to help them out. As a parent of two kids with disabilities, some of the best gifts I can receive are not the type of presents you can buy at a store.

Mostly, I want the gift of friendship, of knowing someone cares enough to enter into my life and help me out by cooking a meal so I don’t have to; take my kid to her dance class or show up at my door with a cup of caramel apple spice from Starbucks.

We created a list of 12 coupons with thoughtful gestures to make life a little bit easier and brighter for your friend. You can print the list or copy and paste the coupons you want to gift. Send them to your friend and ask them to “redeem” them when they need it.

1. Babysitting for the Evening

Babysitting for the Evening

2. A Home-Cooked Meal for Your Family

A Home-Cooked Meal for Your Family

3. Watching the Kids Overnight

Watching the Kids Overnight

4. Taking Your Child to a Therapy Session

Taking Your Child to a Therapy Session

5. Attending an IEP Meeting With You

Attending an IEP Meeting With You

6. Grocery Shopping for You and Putting Items Away

Grocery Shopping for You and Putting Items Away

7. One Day of Laundry Service: Washing, Folding and Putting Away

One Day of Laundry Service: Washing, Folding and Putting Away

8. Organizing Your Kid’s Toys

Organizing Your Kid's Toys

9. Cleaning Your House

Cleaning Your House

10. Taking One of Your Kids on a Fun Outing With My Family

Taking One of Your Kids on a Fun Outing With My Family

11. Driving Your Kids to Their Evening Events

Driving Your Kids to Their Evening Events

12. Buying and Delivering Your Favorite Drink to Your Door

Buying and Delivering Your Favorite Drink to Your Door

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