18 Coupons to Give a Friend Diagnosed With Cancer

When someone is going through cancer treatment, they don’t always have the time or energy to do things like clean the house or cook dinner. That’s where you can help out. Instead of buying the person a random gift they may or may not like, you can give them a valuable coupon to “redeem” when they need it the most.

Here are some coupons that feature thoughtful and loving gestures that can make the life of your loved one a bit easier as they continue treatment and recover. Feel free to print and fill them out or copy and paste them into an email instead.

1. A Ride To and From Treatment

treatment cancer gift voucher

2. A Week’s Worth of Homemade Meals for the Freezer

week worth homemade meals cancer gift voucher

3. Doing All Your Household Chores for a Day

coupon for doing all your household chores for a day

4. A Trip to the Grocery Store Plus Unpacking at Home

grocery store cancer gift voucher

5. Paying Your Electricity Bill This Month

coupon for paying your electricity bill this month

6. A Donation to Your Favorite Cancer Organization

cancer organization gift voucher

7. Dinner at Your Favorite Restaurant

coupon for dinner at your favorite restaurant

8. Babysitting Your Kids

coupon for babysitting your kids

9. One Day of Laundry Service: Washing, Folding and Putting Away

One Day of Laundry Service: Washing, Folding and Putting Away

10. Paying for a Medical Bill

coupon that says paying for a medical bill

11. One Positive Text Message a Day For One Week

positive text message cancer voucher

12. A Movie Night Featuring the Movie of Your Choice

a coupon for a movie night featuring the movie of your choice

13. Paying Your Phone Bill This Month

a coupon for paying your phone bill this month

14. A Weekend Stay at Your Favorite Getaway

weekend stay cancer gift voucher

15. Taking Your Kids to the Park or Playground for a Few Hours

taking kids out cancer gift voucher

16. A Month’s Worth of Professional Cleaning Services

professional cleaning service cancer gift voucher

17. A Professional Massage to Relieve Pain From Chemo and Surgery

massage cancer gift voucher

18. 20 Handwritten Notes Full of Humor and Encouragement

handwritten notes cancer gift voucher

What other thoughtful coupons would you add?

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