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10 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit When You're Chronically Ill

The holiday season is here! I know that sometimes it can be difficult to get in the holiday spirit when you are chronically ill. Here are some small, easy ways to help get you excited for the holidays.

1. Look at Christmas lights.

What is it about Christmas lights on houses that helps us get in the holiday spirit? This is always a sure way to bring a smile to my face. Sit on your porch, take a walk or ride in your wheelchair down your street to see all of the beautiful, unique Christmas lights your neighbors have displayed for the holiday season.

If you are feeling well enough to leave the house, ask a family member or a friend if they would be willing to take drive you around to see the best Christmas light displays in your town.

2. Watch Christmas movies.

Yes, I am one of those people who watches every single Hallmark Christmas movie – even though many share the same plot.

3. Have someone help you decorate your home.

If you’re like me, you probably spend most of your time at home in bed or on your couch. The same scenery can get old after a while. Well, guess what? In my opinion, adding a Christmas tree is almost guaranteed to put you in a better mood.

This year I not only have our 10.5 foot Christmas tree in our family room, but I bought a four and a half foot Christmas tree for our bedroom as well. This way, if I feel too sick to even get out of bed, I still have a small Christmas tree in our room to lift my spirits.

Make sure someone is home with you to help you put up decorations. Take it from the girl who almost passed out on a bar stool while putting up the Christmas tree. Know your limits! It is always OK to ask for help. Nobody wants you to get injured during the holidays.

4. Play holiday music.

I mean…Who doesn’t love to hear 30 different renditions of “Jingle Bell Rock?” Whether you are reading, cooking or just laying down to rest, putting on Christmas music softly in the background will likely lift your sprits.

Pandora, Apple Music and Spotify all have wonderful holiday music playlists that you can listen to anywhere.

5. Dress your animal up for the holidays.

OK, bare with me on this one. Yes, somehow overnight, it seems I have turned into a dog lady. My pup has many outfit changes for Christmas, including a coat, vest, boots, sweaters and hats. He has a candy cane bone and his own stocking.

Your furry companion loves you like you love them. Seeing your animal in an ugly Christmas sweater will most definitely make you laugh and fall in love with them all over again.

6. Bake cookies.

Even if you can’t eat the Christmas cookies, it is still fun to decorate them. If you don’t want to make cookie dough from scratch, Pillsbury sells sugar cookie dough in the refrigerator section. Just pop them in the oven, let them cool, and decorate your little heart out!

Furthermore, Christmas cookies are an inexpensive, easy and heart felt gift for people in your life you want to give a small present to. Is there a doctor, nurse, neighbor, friend or coworker who has gone above and beyond for you during a tough time? Thank them with your homemade Christmas cookies you made with love.

7. Make homemade christmas crafts.

Who said adults are too old to color?! I for one think that is not true. Coloring and being creative is a great way to pass the time when you are stuck on the couch. You know, the days where you feel too OK to stay in bed, but too sick to leave the house? Enter coloring and crafts.

Whether if it is making Christmas cards, coloring or do it yourself (DIY) crafting, it is a wonderful way to get you in the Christmas spirit.

8. Drink hot chocolate.

For some reason, I think hot chocolate always tastes the best in December! There is nothing better than drinking hot chocolate in my snowman mug, curling up on the couch and watching Christmas movies. I tend to make this a nightly occurrence through all of the days in December. So cozy and relaxing!

9. Make Christmas presents.

Not sure what to buy your family for Christmas? Don’t have the energy to go out and buy Christmas presents? Get on Pinterest and look up DIY Christmas gifts!

If your mom is like mine, she isn’t in to material things. She instead likes spending time with me and meaningful presents made with love. I am somewhat of a DIY crafting enthusiast. Look on Pinterest for gift ideas you can make for your loved ones.

10. Decorate your medical equipment.

I mean, we have to drag our medical equipment around anyways, so why not be festive while we do so?

Get some cheap Christmas fabric to decorate your wheelchair cushion. Find some Christmas ribbon or garland to decorate your IV pole!

Happy Holidays, spoonies!

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