10 Relatable Mental Health Memes If New Year's Resolutions Aren't for You

When you’re struggling with a mental illness, New Year’s resolutions often feel overrated. It can be daunting to set a goal for the whole year when you’re just trying to get through one day or one moment at a time. And when we’re struggling, the last thing we need is another expectation, or another thing to worry about.

So for anyone who’s struggling with their mental health and protesting resolutions — we hear you. You’re doing the best you can every day, and no “new year” will magically make everything go away, despite what the hype wants you to believe. So whether you’re ditching making a resolution entirely, or trying to create a more realistic goal, these anti-New Year’s resolution memes are for you.

1. When people tell you to “just look on the bright side” because it’s a new year.

relatable depression meme of cartoon of person excited that they have depression
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2. When you realize you’re setting yourself up for failure, but embrace it and hope for the best.

new years resolution meme
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3. When you’re no longer fooled by “New Year, new me,” but others haven’t caught on.

meme about not having new years resolution
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4. When you have to adjust your self-care goals, because taking care of yourself is an uphill battle anyway.

new years resolution meme
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5. When you have to be realistic because recovery isn’t linear.

new years resolution meme


6. When mental illness makes regular goals hard to reach, so obviously New Year’s resolutions are out of the question.

new years resolution meme
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7. The one resolution you can get behind.

grumpy cat new years resolution meme
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8. Shouldn’t every day be a mental health day?

new years resolution meme
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9. When you self-sabotage your resolution almost immediately.

awkward Brian new years resolution meme
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10. When you realize you’re good enough just as you are and the only thing you need to do this year is be the best version of you.

new years resolution meme
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