The Self-Care New Year's Resolutions I'm Making for 2018

The end of a year can be difficult for many people, bringing up mixed emotions and putting expectations on us to make resolutions for the new year.

I find resolutions difficult to make/stick to, and the guilt and failure I feel when I don’t stick to those resolutions can be very damaging for my mental health. Mental health problems, such as depression include symptoms such as guilt and feeling like a failure, so another dose of that is definitely not welcome! I have general aims I’d like to meet, but no strict resolutions. I decided to put them here, in case they may be helpful for you. Of course, you can tailor them to your abilities/what you feel able to cope with!

1. Be kinder to myself. Specifically, I want to try not to say such horrible things about myself and focus on the more positive things I can find. I can’t be all bad, right?

2. Do my best to set boundaries. If I am not comfortable with something, it’s OK to say no! If I am finding a friendship is becoming toxic, it is OK to step away and even end that friendship if I feel able to.

3. Stay connected to loved ones. I am terrible at starting conversations. I know I expect people to talk to me first, and I feel very alone if no one does even for just a day. I want to take that step and say hello to someone first.

4. Let friends/family know if things aren’t going well. I don’t need to bottle up my physical or mental health problems. If I’m in pain, it’s OK to say! If I’m feeling down, it’s also OK to say! That bit of support I hopefully get in return can really help my mood.

5. Take time for myself. Although I shouldn’t isolate, it’s OK to take some time out for myself. Being round people can be exhausting and overwhelming, so it is a good idea to have that time and space for myself.

6. Do a nice thing for myself every day. This could be watching a movie I like, playing a game, treating myself to a favorite snack, or putting on makeup and taking a few selfies! Whatever I consider a positive, mood lifting thing counts.

7. Stay hydrated! I know I don’t drink enough water, so I often try to remedy that. 

8. Try not to put too much pressure on myself. There’s quite a few resolutions here, but I need to remember these aren’t set in stone. They are just guidelines, suggestions even. If I only manage one or two next year, that’s fine! I’m not a failure if I can’t manage to meet all of the above.

Are you setting any resolutions for 2018? Comment below with your suggestions! 

Whatever you do, I hope next year is the best year so far for you. See you then!

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