Dear Turner's Syndrome, This Is What You've Taught Me

Dearest Turner’s syndrome,

I have known you since I was a baby and, despite all the challenges you have put me through, I can say I am better for knowing you.

You took my X chromosome, made me short (which caused all the kids in school to laugh and point), and gave me small flaws I often belittle myself for every. single. day. Because of you, I developed a deep mistrust of people and, before you ask, yes, I do blame you for my parents’ divorce. You gave them the stress of appointments and medications which caused a rift between them.

Still, I need to thank you as well. Without you, I perhaps would not have learned what it felt like to be different, to be hurt. Without you, I may not have made it my life’s mission to help others with their own struggles and share my own stories. I realize that being different means that I can make these stories unique and bring more knowledge to the world.

Without you, I would not be who I was. You make my heart race.

No, really. I have to keep track of my heart rate and because you increase the risk of cardiovascular issues. Thanks for that.

Maybe I will not have my own biological children because of you, but I can still have a family.

Almost 19 years later, and only now can I say all of this. Now, I am turning a new leaf over in my life. Now, I have learned how strong I can be and that I am not alone out here.

Yours begrudingly,

Kirsti S

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