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    First Post!!

    Welcome to the Turners Syndrome group. This is a group for girls and women who have Turners Syndrome and who are parents of Turners Syndrome. I was diagnosed at the age 10 but was not told by my parents until the age of 12. After I was able to choose what treatments to do like hormone therapies and other tests. I have low risk Turners Syndrome which includes short stature and the possibility of infertility. I have created this group because I have always struggled with my self image and want to be able to help others who are also struggling with their self image because we are all beautiful even if we look a little bit different. #TurnerSyndrome #Turner

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    Hello! My name is Cassidy and I’m 25 years old and from North Mississippi. I have a rare genetic condition called Turner Syndrome and I was also diagnosed with a mild form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s to nice to meet you all! Hope to meet some wonderful people on here. #TurnerSyndrome #AspergersSyndrome #Mississippi


    when I was little

    when I was little I went to a lot of pediatricians and when I found a doctor in Las Vegas I went to sunshine valley pediatric my doctor was name doctor lura weidenflid she knew I had Turner syndrome and she diagnose me