Do You Not See Me?

Do you not see me? I’m the one with the walking stick. You must have been looking the other way as you pushed past me in your haste to get that seat on the tram. It’s OK, I managed to find a seat further down the tram.  As it rattled along to the next stop, I managed to walk slowly down to that spare seat.  Hanging onto the chairs with one hand and clutching my walking stick, somehow I didn’t fall over.

Do you not see me? As you push past me on your way to lunch. Do you not see that I am unable to move quickly out of your way? You rush past me with your many shopping bags that nearly knock me over.

Do you not see me?  I struggle to climb up the steep stairs on the tram. I’m sorry I am too slow; I am doing the best I can.

Do you not see me?

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Getty image by Srdjanns74.

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