6 Reasons Going Through TSA Is Difficult When You're Chronically Ill

Traveling when sick is not fun to begin with, but when you have a chronic illness, traveling is even less fun – especially with a service dog.

Here’s why traveling while sick can be difficult:

1. When you have about 20 bottles of supplements and medications that has its own suitcase. You need all of them and you cannot put them in a plastic baggy, because if you do, there will be too many plastic bags and you will get confused.

2. When you go through security and they tell you to take out everything that is liquid. And you have about 100 flushes of saline and medication for your PICC line.

3. When you have needles and your medications and bags need to get checked to make sure it is safe. But they are calling you based on your bag because they need you there to check it, but you are still going through the metal detecter.

4. When they want you to pick up your service dog instead of having her walk through the metal detecter – but with a PICC line you can only hold 5 pounds, and she is 25 pounds. At this point everyone is watching and people are making kissy noises at my service dog, distracting her. We are the star of the show at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today.

5. When they ask you if your PICC line is a medical device, what it used for and why you have it…But you still need to go get your bag checked at the other part of security.

6. When they tell you you’re finally OK to go on with your day, but you’re completely exhausted after a long 10 minute security screening. And you still need to make it through the flight until you can rest.

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