If the Holidays Have Left You Needing a Rest Day, This Is Your Permission to Take One


I may not know you, but I wanted to tell you about something I struggle with, and it’s something I feel many of us struggle with at times.

Rest days.

And not just the typical lazy Saturday morning where you lay on the couch and watch cartoons all day long, though there isn’t anything wrong with that either. For this article specifically I’m talking about rest days where you specifically set the day aside for taking care of you and recovering from whatever has been running you down.

This came to mind because we are in the prime of the holiday season. There is that weird time in between Christmas and New Year’s where you can’t really tell what day it is and everything is kind of a blur. Well, this is the perfect time to fit in a rest and recover day.

Some of you may already being doing this, but if you’re like me, you might feel like you need “permission” to take the day for yourself. So if that it you, here ya go…

Take today to indulge in some extra self-care and recover from the hecticness of the holidays. Run yourself a warm bath, go for a walk, take a nap, wear comfortable clothing and watch your favorite shows.

You are important.

You are kind.

You are strong.

You deserve to take a break this day and just take care of yourself. Don’t worry about anyone else but you. You are unbelievably amazing!

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