Psychosis Isn't All About Seeing Demons in the Mirror

Psychosis isn’t all about seeing demons in the mirror, or hearing voices that cease to exist.

It’s feeling lonely, trapped and detached from reality. It’s lying in bed for hours on end in a different world that, at the time, you don’t even know is a different world.

It’s walking around your kitchen at 3 a.m. constantly checking the fridge because for some reason, a voice keeps telling you to check the fridge, and for some reason, you feel compelled to listen to it.

It’s screaming at air because you saw it move.

It’s constantly talking to yourself, and when I say constantly, I mean constantly, but you aren’t even really talking to yourself, you’re talking to someone else who you can’t see, and others can’t hear.

It’s staring at the wall for three hours because all thoughts have left your mind.

It’s going into weird trance like states where you start to do things, like make food, but then forget what you’re doing while you’re doing it and end up with a slice of pizza you aren’t even hungry for.

OK, maybe that last one is just me, but hey, at least I have pizza now.

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